Frat Boy Niall Part 21. 

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The slight turbulence from the plane shook me awake. I looked down to see her still asleep on me, and I began to relax again. I looked at the time on my silver Rolex to see that we had only been on the plane for five hours. I laid back a bit more and slowly ran my hand in circles on her back. I tried to remember the last time I slept with her, but it was blurry, and I hated the idea of sleeping without her. She was kind, sweet, patient. I’m hateful, dangerous, and crude. She is everything I’m not. My heart starts to beat fast and hard as I think about how lucky I am that she is coming with me. I lied. Yes. I am not one hundred percent sure that Liam will be okay. Her family, yes. I wouldn’t have left if they were in danger. But Liam was a big target. My blood started to boil as my mind traveled to why he is in the hospital in the first place, and that he could have been that fucking stupid and careless to get Ashley to start dealing. My heartbeat slowed, as my heart slowly plummeted to my stomach. What if I would have lost her? or What if she would have told me she couldn’t leave back there? The thought of life without her was scary. My life would be empty, and meaningless. My life before Ashley was full of nothing but one night stands, with me waking up with the girls already gone in the morning, and at the party the next night with another drink, another man, another walk of shame back to their dorm room carrying their heels across campus the next morning. Ashley levels me out. Ashley accepts all of the crazy shit in my life, and helps me run with it. I don’t care what happens. Fights, sickness, anything. I will run to the ends of the earth for her. Distance may just be numbers on a dashboard to me, but home is wherever I am with her. 

I woke up to Niall snoring loudly. “Ni,” I began, slowly shaking him. “NI” I said louder, and Niall snorted loudly then jumped awake. “What is it? What’s wrong?” He asked, with a frightened look upon his face. “Nothing, you’re just snoring like a bear and it woke me up.” Niall looked at me with a blank face. “I do not snore, now go back to sleep we can sleep for another good three hours.” I rolled off of Niall to his side, where I slid in front of him, and felt his arms slink around my waist, spooning me. Niall nuzzled his face in my neck. “I love you.” he murmured softly into my ear. I smiled slightly before trailing my hand down to Nialls, and laced my fingers on top of his. “I love you too.” My heart was pounding at this, as Niall’s soft snores began to return. I started to remember the first time I hung out with Niall, and before I even knew him. Before I knew Niall, he was nothing but a douche bag jack ass typical frat boy. I don’t know what made Niall become interested in me, but whatever it was, I’m glad for it. The thought of not going to be living close to my parents terrifies me. Them not knowing the real reason why I have to go is even worse. Everything is there. My childhood, growing up, Liam. Niall said Liam would come back with his parents, but what if he doesn’t want too? I don’t want to be here without Liam. I can’t have my parents, my old clothes, I need something from home. Something to fill the homesick in my heart. I do love Niall. I don’t doubt it. But I haven’t been able to let it sit in that I won’t see my parents again for a few months when it’s ‘safe’ to fly back for a few days. MS13 will be watching Niall’s every move. Niall’s family and Niall’s business is a huge threat to them, especially in the area we were in. I thought about all the things I’m going to miss with my family. Holidays, Sunday lunches. Going home some weekends to my old bedroom, hanging out with Liam’s family, going to my old high school’s football games with Liam to see how shit the new cheerleaders and soccer players are. I felt a lump in my throat and my eyes start to burn as I slowly and quietly slipped out of Nialls grasp. I walked to the bathroom, and washed  my face. I rummaged through the cabinets, and found a little silver tin. I pulled it open, and there was a small bag, full of white, shiny powder. I pulled it out, and the mirror that was under it. I sat the mirror on the bathroom counter,  and slowly poured  some of the little bags contents out on the mirror. I used my fingers to slowly form a line onto the mirror, something I had seen before in movies. I slowly leaned out, and breathed in heavily, cleaning the line of blow spotless from the mirror. I pressed my palms on the counter after replacing the tin to it’s original home, and raised my head to look in the mirror. I watched as the slow burn in my nose went away, and my pupils began to expand. I wiped my nose, and exited the bathroom. I walked back to sleeping, clueless Niall. The next few months are going to be hell for me.

Somebody like you can really make all things right for me. 

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